Resume available by request

Hi, I'm Matt


In both art and design, I have always admired creative work that expresses the essence of a subject in the most natural and effortless way.

Growing up surfing through New England’s shifting seasons offered a profound source of creative inspiration.  The transitional character of waves displays an incredible visual arc; summer’s faded pastel waters evoke a gentle and warm quality, fall’s retreating light becomes a temperamental collage, and winter’s harsh, contrasting palette carries heavy textures. This relationship drove me to capture movement and molded an attention to difficult textures and detail.

After a decade living in Brooklyn, the same themes continue to inform my work and creative approach. My artistic direction has grown out of figure drawing (both posed figures and portraiture) and subway sketching. As a New Yorker, the city's diverse ancestry is a joy to capture.

I bring to my designs a study of purpose and aesthetic that draws on my experiences, my biracial background and the New York community. My self-reflective work ethic produces extra value in my professional projects and contributes to my expressive style. 

I love to work, to learn and to develop productive relationships. Let's get in touch and work together.



Hogarth & Ogilvy Illustration